Monday, July 12, 2010

The Cotton Exchange

I'm a big advocate for decorating with plenty of pillows. My friends often question why I have so many pillows on my bed all of the time. I just think that the right blend of fabrics can significantly add to the design of any room. So back in March, I began making some pillows for Zachary's mama. I enjoyed it so much that I made several others and decided to sell them on Etsy, an incredible resource for handmade and vintage items. I'm sad to say that after getting into my busy summer schedule, I don't have any time to keep up my Etsy shop that I had named "The Cotton Exchange," after a famous Edgar Degas painting. I still love making the pillows and I hope to have time to maintain the shop once my schedule opens up again. I thought I would share a few with you:

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  1. ah i LOVE pillows, but my husband hates having them on the couch - whenever he sits down he either sits on them and squishes them, or he yanks them out from behind him and throws them on the floor! i'll keep trying though... i love the red paisley ones!
    xo meg