Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rock A Bye Baby.

For my Art & Design Major, I took the Drawing101 class last semester. Our final project had very specific, yet incredibly vague requirements: three separate pieces of separate mediums, all focusing on a new outlook of ANY topic. I actually really struggled choosing a topic. We were supposed to have chosen it near the beginning of the semester so that we could gain enough knowledge to really understand our topic. Some of the other students chose hypersensitive issues such as water pollution, the deception of the "American Dream", the seven deadly sins, and body image. I wrestled with topics that would interest me, but in all honesty, hypersensitive issues do not necessarily interest me unless they are about a moral issue. Even then, there was no way that I would have easily constructed visual art pieces from such ambiguous concepts. Ultimately, I chose the topic of abortion. I was not overwhelmingly looking forward to offending other's political or spiritual beliefs with my pieces, but we had to speak in favor of one side of the issue. Like any issue that is publicly debated, we come with our own preconceptions. Although, I attempted to look into the issue of abortion with more of an open-mind, seeking to find any kind of reasoning for upholding the benefits of it. With all of my research, I did not find any significant reasoning that made me want to advocate for abortion. It was actually quite contrary. Here are my final pieces:
Acrylic on Canvas 1
Charcoal on Canvas 1
Paper Mache 1

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  1. These are highly intriguing, Kourtney. Good work!