Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Blushing Bridal Shower.

My sister and I have been raised by a mother who loves to entertain. She loves to cook, bake, decorate, and design, which all come together fantastically when putting on a party. Us girls were taught from a young age the "appropriate" ways to host events, and with both of us adopting Mom's creative abilities, we cannot help but enjoy the gift of entertaining also.
My sister hosted a bridal shower for one of her closest friends, Lynsey, at the quaint condo that she shares with her husband. Kamden planned to decorate according to the theme she had chosen, based on the color red. She had stamped a red strawberry onto every invitation and also requested that every attendee wore a pair of red shoes to the afternoon get-together. I thought that was such a darling idea and as soon as my sister told me her plans, I instantly wanted to be put to good use.
Kam stayed within a relatively tight budget and managed to collect simple additions from discount stores, thrift shops, and the fabulous Trader Joe's that completed the "blushing" feel of the party. The sister of the bride, Kaylee, and I came the day before the event and assisted Kam with making some of the decor. Kamden had the best assortment of good things to eat, from a spinach salad with berries and cheese strata with ham and tomatoes, to lemon bars and a raspberry tart. Several jars and vases filled with vibrant Ranunculus flowers were placed throughout the kitchen and living room. Kam also requested that I take some photos of the event, and I was glad to be used in that way. After I found out that my memory card was missing from my SRL, I managed to take a few good shots with a simple point and shoot. It was a fabulous occasion. Here's a look at Lynsey's bridal shower:

A variety of little red candies for the party favors

Praying for the Lord's blessing over Lynsey and Jeremy's marriage

Hungry, anyone?

The lovely bride-to-be.

Kaylee (on left) creatively wrapped her gift to her sister.